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Hi Not been on since November last. Had builders in so thought it best to wait until they had gone before setting up new tank. Not kept tropicals for over 25 years. Amazed at how technical it has become. Fancy filters and testing kits etc. Looking foreward to it though. Have a 220 litre tank. Plants are on order(on line). Not sure whether to weight them with lead or not. Can someone advise please.
Most of my small equipment came from a very unreliable company in Scotland. Still trying to get some of my money back. Hope this is the exception as all local suppliers seem to be so helpful. Perhaps there is a lesson there.
This seems to be a great site. Thank you all, BarbyLass

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Please post questions in the proper threads for better responses.

Some leave the lead weights on until roots have started before planting them. Some remove the weights and plant. (I prefer to remove the weights as the stems can rot if jammed too tightly together.) However, the guy I buy my plants from leaves lead weights on and let's the plants just sit in the tank until they root. He's had planted tanks for years and has his own greenhouses so............? Choice is yours.

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