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03-05-2009, 08:44 PM
I havnt been on here in about 6 months (busy with school/work/life) but now I'm back. My names Kyle and I'm 21 from Columbus Ohio. I currently have a 135g FW, 55g SW, 55g CW, 2 10g FW, 5.5g FW. I am glad to say in the 6 months since I've been on here I've only lost 1-2 fish. I am having some problems with my SW though so I'll be posting in there shortly, I also have a new camera so I might go snap some pictures for you guys.

PS: I have a really nice new sony camera, any tips on what setting to use for close up of fish?

03-05-2009, 08:46 PM
Welcome back Kyle! The AC is always here for it's members!

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from a newbie

be nice to get to know you


03-05-2009, 09:04 PM
135g I could begin to name whats all in there if anyone wants to know though I'll list what I can remember
55g With a single goldfish and pleco, I was going to use this tank as a sump but it wouldnt fit so I decided to do goldfish, I bought 10 feeders and sadly after a week this was the lone survivor but hes been going strong for about 5 months now
55g Saltwater, tank has been up for about 7-8 months maybe? Was doing great but now I have an algae problem. I have 2 clowns, a lawnmower blenny, wow this is embarassing I havnt talked about them for so long I forgot the names of my other 2 fish
The top is a 10g where I have a beautiful male guppy and 2 females. After a few weeks I take the babies out and put them in the 5.5g below till they are big enough to go in the 135g
Also have a 10g in my room I didnt get a picture of, has 5 neon tetras and 2 guppies

I also knew a few of them need cleaned I will get to it this weekend

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03-05-2009, 10:26 PM
Those are very nice set ups. thumbs2:

Welcome back. :ssmile:

03-05-2009, 10:28 PM
Hello!! I love your 135g, really pretty! That goldfish looks so teeny in that big tank, but at least he's got plenty of room!! Thanks for sharing your pics!!

Wild Turkey
03-06-2009, 02:25 AM
Welcome back bud! thumbs2: :19:

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Welcome home, Bowler! :11:

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Welcome back...it's great to see you back home again!

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Welcome back!

On your camera there should be an all automatic setting and then there should be something like scene shots.

If you go to the scene shots menu or interface there should be a setting for closeups, mine says for images closer than 18" or so, but it is never that good.

The secret is to only press the shutter button down half way and you should hear the camera make a noise and you will see a box or multiple boxes on the screen.

These boxes show you were the focal point of the lens is at.

When trying to take a close up shot in a cluttered scene it may take several attempts at trying to get the camera to focus on what you want it to.

Also start further away from the tank and slowly move forward, all the while pressing the shutter button half ways and releasing over and over till you find the best compromise in distance and clarity of your subject.

Then when everything is focused properly, fully press the button and it will take the picture of where the focal point was at.

Remember that the better the lighting, the better the picture and the easier it is for your camera to find objects and focus.

Use external lighting and take pictures at angles to avoid the reflection of the flash from the camera.

I would suggest setting up a few room lights or lamps at about ten feet from the front of the tank and have the aquariun lights on. look at the cameras screen to make sure the room lights arent reflecting off the glass back to the camera. Make sure the cameras flash is on and VOILA! You my friend are the next photographer for fish weekly!

Any questions? Feel free to pm me! HTH-Eric

Oh, I should be an actual manual mode as well, but I will save that for the next class!

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Welcome back Kyle :22:

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Welcome back Kyle to the Mighty AC!:22:
Here is something one of our long lost members wrote about takin pics.

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Welcome back :11:

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