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03-01-2009, 09:53 AM
Hi all

Just read some threads and wondered how you do it

I have a juwel tank, so have a nice white filter that I threw away each week, and replace, now Im looking at getting a new tank today and was wondering, if I used some of the water from the old tank and put the white filter bit in it, usually black after a week with gunk

will this speed up my cycling and how quick will it be

Im very excited as I can buy some small fish instead of having to hunt out monsters when I want to replace something.

Thinking of the new tank being between 30-60L and sand substrate bit of bogwood for hidy holes and well planted, possable air stone as i like bubble curtains, have on in my big tank.

And stocking with a couple of shrimps,(cant have in big tank as my syndontis would eat it) pitbull plec, (once again would get eaten in big tank, had one and my mum has it in her little tank and its great as it buries it self) and some danios with the idea of once well establised a male siamese.

Thanks in advance


03-01-2009, 10:09 AM
Will you be getting another Jewel tank/filter set-up? If so, I would just take one of the filter foam squares from the old tank and put it in the new filter. If you get another brand of aquarium/filter, you can take one of the blue or green blocks and put in in the new aquarium (one you have dechorlinated the water)--it needn't go in the filter.

I wouldn't use the thin, white, prefilters...I don't think those would have enough bacteria like the blue or green foam blocks, especially since you are changing them once a week. You can use some of the water from the older tank, but it's not going to be providing any of the needed bacteria, as the bacteria grows/lives primarily in the filter foam, or in/on the substrate.

03-01-2009, 03:09 PM

yep we got a jewul tank, we have under advise from the shop cut some of the blue filter from the old tank and put that into the new tank, with some of the sand from the old tank too

many thanks