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02-22-2009, 08:39 PM
we have been keeping tropical fish for about six months now but still consider ourselves infants in the worls of fish keeping, although we have learnt quite a bit in 6 months as we did the worst thing possible with our first tank. We filled it with the water and decorations then went straight out and bought fish, just a couple each weekend but never tested the water etc, as you can imagine we ended up with white spot and lost all our fish. We were gutted started all over again, bought a testing kit and cycled our tank properly this time. 3 months down the line and all the fish are happy and doing fine so far. hopefully wont be making the same mistakes again it was horrible watching my little fishes dying and not knowing what to do to help them

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Welcome to the AC! At least you've learned your lesson and are starting off on the right foot now.

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Hi welcome to the site. Everyone makes mistakes when they first start out.

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