View Full Version : My white cloud Minnows

02-16-2009, 03:57 PM
HI! Ive got a slight problem with my minnows,
I bought the 3 white cloud minnows about 3 weeks ago. Then yesterday as i was about to clean the fish out yesterday my boyfriend noticed tiny almost invisible hings swimming in the water which i instantly thought were parasites and i panicked. Then after looking online briefly found out there most likely baby one's. But as far as i was aware when i bought these fish they were baby's them selves and wasnt aware they bred so easily. Now i dont know what to do?! i didnt plan to breed them and havent got the first idea what to do. So has any one got any help or info on what to do?

I only have a 15L tank (all i have in the tank are the 3 white cloud minnows)and ive managaed to find atleast 6 babies but there so hard to spot!

Also the two bigger ones seem to have developed a bubble or a hook type thing on there bottom lip which i dont know what it is. its white/seethru ish.