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01-28-2009, 06:50 AM
Hi :22: I'm new here...But I have a problem with Yume :(

Okay - So here's my situation...

I bought Yume (my betta fish) on an impulse... It was over Christmas break, and usually I don't do it...But I needed to help Yume. He swam when I came to check him out, but he was just so different...He's a transparent betta fish I think... A light, light pink/orange...But see through...But his fins are what caught me - They turn a brilliant color in the right light (Which I have yet to find out what it would be, it's just when he turns a certain way) :) He's my little bud, and Squeaker's bud too...

My first mistake - I put him in an uncyled tank... I know I know - BAD.
So I moved him into a 2.5 gal that has been cycled... "Not three - I misread the box...
But then my idiot brother did me a favor and bought me a newer tank (His was leaking) and put him in it as a favor. ITS the 3 gal -Not much bigger...But still! Uncycled... And he survived that whole ordeal

Now - Before you all get upset and I know thats a HUGE no no, I was sooo mad... But I didn't know what to do because he dumped my 2.5 gal in the garbage!!! :(

So his tank now IS cycled - How he survived it, I have no idea... The ammonia had to give him a shock, and the whole thing was completely altered...I don't know how he made it through, but he did. It's been a rough 2.5 weeks, and I'm sure that PH shock did him in for bit too...But he got back to his usual self until just recently...

Now - The bad news...

He has to have something wrong with him now...
One, he has fin rot for sure. I'm getting medicine for him Friday ( SUCH a long wait) I know it isn't the serious one... I know it's from that whole ordeal... So I'm keeping him in dark areas (less stress) by keeping my light off and curtain closed once I get home. He's getting water changes once a week (50% or less) just to keep it in balance... I should probably do more, but haven't had all of the time I need to lately due to surgery...

Now, here's were I worry...
Yume (I think) is bloated to a degree... I know that for sure. Tan overfed him while I was gone... And the fasting for a day isn't helping. So, should I give him a pea? It's boiled, right? And the inside of it? And is it chopped finely? Or do I just give him the whole thing?

So back to the main point - Yume is becoming listless...He won't chase my finger like he usually does, and is swimming slower... And if I make a sudden movement, usually he's okay - But now he darts away (I've started moving slower for him)
One thing I've noticed more recently is that he had poor fins... His 'beard' crinckles a bit, as does his top fin. It's near the ends...I don't think it's clamping (I have yet to seen a pic of that though) so I don't know what it is...Was he born that way? Or is it just maybe because of that whole ordeal? And if so - Is there a way to fix it?

Yume still eats fine, he still swims, just slowly... His water levels are finally fine...So I think he's adjusted...

Here's some pics of him - Just to see if you guys can see anything...

http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa238/xxAngel_Of_Lonelinessxx/0120092206a.jpg You can kind of see the crinkle in his beard in this image.

http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa238/xxAngel_Of_Lonelinessxx/0127092117.jpg This is him a week later... And you can see the crinkle in his upper fin ... His tummy is darker too... Which is worrisome...

And here is a pic just to show his fins in the right light :D

The good news is that the color is progressing throughout his whole fin - So he's still developing color :)

Now - Here's my plan.

Friday I am buying him medicine. People have recommended Melafix? Or Jungle fungus eliminator... I've read up on some other types of medicines too - But what would you recomend...?

And since I've aquired more money (From my b-day :D) I am going to buy him either a 5, 6, or ten gallon tank... Most likely not the ten until I have permission from my parents, so I'm going to buy the 6 gal I think. It will be cycled, and have more plants for hiding places, and I am going to get rid of that castle and get some other decorations. I'd buy new gravel so the fin rot doesn't potentially contaminate the other tank ( Though I've done a 100% water change like a site suggested...It's helped - But not enough) I'd buy a better heater (The one I have is going out - Stupid heater) and I'd buy a softer filter for him. I might go with the eclipse 6 tank - I've read good reviews on it.
I want to do this in the least stressful manner as possible...So what would that be? Will it be a shock to go from a 3 gal to a 6 gal? How should I tackle this??

So do you guys see anything wrong with him? And have you ever had this problem before? He's listless (He never has been) but he still swims a little, he's easily shocked, has a big tummy, and he has crinckled fins... That's it in a nutshell. But the fin issue is only on the upper and beard. That's it.

Sorry for the long and unorganized post. I have to leave for bed soon, so I wrote whatever came to my mind. I'll post a pic of his fins in the full blue'ish sheen in a bit. :)

I'm just worried about him. I love him to death and don't want to lose my little one.

01-28-2009, 02:01 PM
The first question that comes to mind is--Do you have a heater for the tank?

The second question that comes to mind for me is--What is the temperature in the tank?

Betas are tropical fish in nature and need to have the water between 72-80 degrees. Sometimes if the water is too cold than they become listless and are not as active. Check the temperature.