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01-28-2009, 06:49 AM
Hi :) I'm new here...But I have a problem with Yume :(

Okay - So here's my situation...

I bought Yume (my betta fish) on an impulse... It was over Christmas break, and usually I don't do it...But I needed to help Yume. He swam when I came to check him out, but he was just so different...He's a transparent betta fish I think... A light, light pink/orange...But see through...But his fins are what caught me - They turn a brilliant color in the right light (Which I have yet to find out what it would be, it's just when he turns a certain way) :) He's my little bud, and Squeaker's bud too...

My first mistake - I put him in an uncyled tank... I know I know - BAD.
So I moved him into a 2.5 gal that has been cycled... "Not three - I misread the box...
But then my idiot brother did me a favor and bought me a newer tank (His was leaking) and put him in it as a favor. ITS the 3 gal -Not much bigger...But still! Uncycled... And he survived that whole ordeal

Now - Before you all get upset and I know thats a HUGE no no, I was sooo mad... But I didn't know what to do because he dumped my 2.5 gal in the garbage!!! :(

So his tank now IS cycled - How he survived it, I have no idea... The ammonia had to give him a shock, and the whole thing was completely altered...I don't know how he made it through, but he did. It's been a rough 2.5 weeks, and I'm sure that PH shock did him in for bit too...But he got back to his usual self until just recently...

Now - The bad news...

He has to have something wrong with him now...
One, he has fin rot for sure. I'm getting medicine for him Friday ( SUCH a long wait) I know it isn't the serious one... I know it's from that whole ordeal... So I'm keeping him in dark areas (less stress) by keeping my light off and curtain closed once I get home. He's getting water changes once a week (50% or less) just to keep it in balance... I should probably do more, but haven't had all of the time I need to lately due to surgery...

Now, here's were I worry...
Yume (I think) is bloated to a degree... I know that for sure. Tan overfed him while I was gone... And the fasting for a day isn't helping. So, should I give him a pea? It's boiled, right? And the inside of it? And is it chopped finely? Or do I just give him the whole thing?

So back to the main point - Yume is becoming listless...He won't chase my finger like he usually does, and is swimming slower... And if I make a sudden movement, usually he's okay - But now he darts away (I've started moving slower for him)
One thing I've noticed more recently is that he had poor fins... His 'beard' crinckles a bit, as does his top fin. It's near the ends...I don't think it's clamping (I have yet to seen a pic of that though) so I don't know what it is...Was he born that way? Or is it just maybe because of that whole ordeal? And if so - Is there a way to fix it?

Yume still eats fine, he still swims, just slowly... His water levels are finally fine...So I think he's adjusted...

Here's some pics of him - Just to see if you guys can see anything...

http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa238/xxAngel_Of_Lonelinessxx/0120092206a.jpg You can kind of see the crinkle in his beard in this image.

http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa238/xxAngel_Of_Lonelinessxx/0127092117.jpg This is him a week later... And you can see the crinkle in his upper fin ... His tummy is darker too... Which is worrisome...

And here is a pic just to show his fins in the right light :D

The good news is that the color is progressing throughout his whole fin - So he's still developing color :)

Now - Here's my plan.

Friday I am buying him medicine. People have recommended Melafix? Or Jungle fungus eliminator... I've read up on some other types of medicines too - But what would you recomend...?

And since I've aquired more money (From my b-day :D) I am going to buy him either a 5, 6, or ten gallon tank... Most likely not the ten until I have permission from my parents, so I'm going to buy the 6 gal I think. It will be cycled, and have more plants for hiding places, and I am going to get rid of that castle and get some other decorations. I'd buy new gravel so the fin rot doesn't potentially contaminate the other tank ( Though I've done a 100% water change like a site suggested...It's helped - But not enough) I'd buy a better heater (The one I have is going out - Stupid heater) and I'd buy a softer filter for him. I might go with the eclipse 6 tank - I've read good reviews on it.
I want to do this in the least stressful manner as possible...So what would that be? Will it be a shock to go from a 3 gal to a 6 gal? How should I tackle this??

So do you guys see anything wrong with him? And have you ever had this problem before? He's listless (He never has been) but he still swims a little, he's easily shocked, has a big tummy, and he has crinckled fins... That's it in a nutshell. But the fin issue is only on the upper and beard. That's it.

Sorry for the long and unorganized post. I have to leave for bed soon, so I wrote whatever came to my mind. I'll post a pic of his fins in the full blue'ish sheen in a bit. :)

I'm just worried about him. I love him to death and don't want to lose my little one.

01-28-2009, 07:00 AM
Ok welcome!
Sorry to hear about Yume. IT sounds like he's been through quite a bit of stress. What I would do is much more frequent water changes. I would be doing 25% a day with dechlorinated water to help him with his fins.
What are the ammonia/nitrites and nitrates?
What have you been feeding him?
With peas - yep blanch a bit, squish it out of the skin and pop it in, get it out after 5 mins if he hasn't eaten it.
Sorry I can't see the pics (stupid work firewall!) but clean water helps a lot of things. So even if it is a pain, hassle, or inconvenient you need to keep his water nice and clean.

01-28-2009, 07:54 AM
Heya mate, sorry to hear about your betta fish yume :(
I'd say he is just overstressed. The amount of stress he has been exposed to would lower his immune system making him vulnerable to the fin rot and other possible ailments. Best advise is to keep up what your doing and to just be patient. Once he is acclimated to what seem like good living conditions in the tank you have him in now his immune system will kick back in. Treat with a fungus eliminator like you have planned and keep up with up with those water changes!!!! A few teaspoons of aquarium salt may do him some good as well. Also make sure his tank is hot enough (75-80 F). Good luck mate and I hope he gets well soon!!!!

p.s. I use jungle fungus eliminator myself and it seems to do the trick :D

01-28-2009, 11:58 AM
Honestly, the tank size is fine for a Betta, provided you do weekly water changes. He actually looks fine to me. The dark belly is food...you may be overfeeding him. Peas are an excellent idea. Fast him for three days, and then feed the peas. Feed him one piece at a time, until he has enough. The crinkle is normal as well...or at least I assume so. Mine get the crinkle with age....

01-29-2009, 12:45 PM
i think he is still vary prity.

01-29-2009, 03:48 PM
The first question that comes to mind is--Do you have a heater for the tank?

The second question that comes to mind for me is--What is the temperature in the tank?

Betas are tropical fish in nature and need to have the water between 72-80 degrees. Sometimes if the water is too cold than they become listless and are not as active. Check the temperature.

01-29-2009, 04:56 PM
I agree with Sharon.... I find that a ONE day fast isn't enough when it comes to belly or swim bladder issues....I would do a THREE day and hopefully things will pass through! Then try the pea. My son's betta..."Pepperoni" had the same issue.... we did a three day fast and then fed him a pea and then did another three day fast....he was GO TO GO after that! Good Luck!

01-30-2009, 12:46 AM
My heater just went out :scry: Otherwise he'd be warmer I'm sure... His water remains a steady 70-72 at the moment...Which is too cold for a betta. But he's been a bit listless before that happened...Maybe it's been flucuating at night?
But I can't do anything about it until Friday, when we go to our local store and buy a new heater and a tank. :)

The heater was given to my friend and just went out. It was a 50 watt one, and kept his tank at a steady 77

He's back to swimming again - Just little. And his tummy HAS gone down, but I'm thinking if it isn't perfect tomorrow I'll give him the pea anyways. Is that okay?

My final question is when I move him into that 5 gal tank, what should I do? It will be a completely new enviroment for him...Will he figure it out on his own? And how do I re-adjust him to it, and the heater???

01-30-2009, 02:09 AM
Awesome looking betta.

Now more to the point. When you move him, you could just net him then put him after the tank is cycled. Or you could drip acclimate him, when the tank is cycled of course. I usually just net them and transfer. Never lost a fish to that. Except one who was in bad shape and already stressed out. And as long is the temperature isn't drastically different he should be okay.

01-30-2009, 06:01 AM
I kept the cups that they come in for transfers. Put him in the cup with the water that was in the tank that he was in already. Get the new tank ready with the right temp. Put the cup in the water and keep him in it until his water acclimates to the same temp as the water in the new tank. Once this is done, he is ready to be introduced into his new environment with little to no stress.

If you do not have a cup then get one of those small tank separators that attaches to the inside of a tank or use a plastic disposable cup like the ones you would use at a BBQ, picnic or party.

01-31-2009, 12:38 AM
Everyone else gave you great advice. I wanted to add, I belive he is a colophane(sp) beta. Very pretty. Good luck.