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02-04-2007, 08:26 PM
Im thinking about getting my first cichlids.The fish i was thinking of is Herichthys centrarchus (Flier chichlid)
The tank is going to be a Juwel Rio 300 http://www.juwel-aquarium.de/en/rio.htm?cat=7&mat=7700about 84 uk/100 us galons or 380 liters.the wolume af the tank with stones and decor will probably end up being 300 liters.
The filter is an Eheim professional 2 or 3 depends on how much its going to costhttp://www.eheim.de/eheim/inhalte/index.jsp?key=9er_24958_ehen
Hoping to get about 6 juveniles and grow them up to get a breeding pair.
Will i be able to keep plants in ther tank or will they upproot everything?
Dose anybody have any experience with this fish,any pointers comments or advice would be apreciated.pardon the spelling.

02-04-2007, 08:32 PM
i'm not sure about that exact species of cichlid, most cichlids WILL redecorate the tank for you! i'd say that it's a very good chance that he will. on the eheims, the pro 2 is less money then the pro 3 because the pro 3 is new and also is bigger and has a higher capacity than the pro 2. they are both very good filters though. i believe the pro2 and 3 both have inline heater systems too!-- another bonus. welcome to a.c.