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Barnaby Jones
01-27-2009, 02:41 PM
Trust me, I have read all the articles on all the different things these hardy, opportunistic feeders will eat, but I wanted to get some first hand knowledge (that is why I signed on here, after all).

So what do you guys feed yours? My fish is approximately 6 inches long and quite chubby :hmm3grin2orange: . He will eat Cichlid gold large sinking pellets. At first he ate as many as I would drop in, but now a lot of times he misses them and lets them fall to the bottom of the tank. This is a nuisance because I had to remove my Pleco due to fin nibbling issues, and now the food just collects (until I vacuum weekly). I never seem to know when my FH is hungry now..sometimes he will eat 5 or 6 pellets in a row and other times he will just let them sink and ignore them. I am at work from 8am-6pm so I try to feed him in the morning (usually no luck) and at night. In the evening I will usually try a few pellets every hour until bed, and that seems to help. He just seems so picky, and it makes me nervous.

Some info: The ammonia levels increased from 0 to a little over .25 recently. I did a water change and it went back to normal, but I have had to do this a lot lately (my bio wheel stopped spinning and dried out, so I think my bio filter is re-establishing).

This fish was a rescue. He was in an over populated tank and was pale gray when he came to me. Since then he has turned a very pretty blue/speckled. He seemed to acclimate fine, but now seems to not be eating as much, as stated above.

Anyone have any input?

01-27-2009, 06:21 PM
Got Pics?
I would love to see it and your tank!
What brand of food are you feeding?
Have you tried veggies and fruit?

Barnaby Jones
01-27-2009, 07:24 PM
I was thinking about veggies and fruit. I am feeding him Hikari Cichlid Gold large sinking pellets. He used to like them.

Any recommended fruit?

Unfortunately I dont have a good pic. Here he is right after the rescue, you can see how off his color is..I will post an after pic later, with a full pic of the tank.


01-27-2009, 08:04 PM
Try not feeding him for a few days, that fish can go a long time with no food so don't be worried. Also if he isn't into the sinking food maybe try a floating food instead. After seeing no food for a bit he should take whatever you give him....should.