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Barnaby Jones
01-27-2009, 02:20 AM
I was not sure if I should start a new thread or post in one of the welcome threads...if this is incorrectly posted please accept my apology and move this post.

I have been keeping tanks for a few years as a hobby. I was a marine biology major in college for two years before I changed majors. I have always enjoyed aquatic life.

I am from upstate New York and have 2 freshwater tanks at home. One is a 50 gallon bow front. This tank has two occupants, a large Flower Horn Cichlid and a adult clown loach. For some reason the FH does not seem to mind the clown loach. Due to the highly aggressive nature of the FH I will not be adding anymore friends to this tank. The second tank is a 29 gallon which contains 1 large common pleco. He was in with the FH but was picked on relentlessly. when I noticed his fins getting torn I quickly setup the 29 gallon and moved him over. This tank is still cycling, and I am monitoring my pleco and the tank closely. He is pretty hardy and should be able to help establish the tank. As soon as it is established I plan on adding several different barbs.

I have 1 tank at work, a 20 gallon. It has 2 Zebra Danios, 4 Neon Tetras and 1 small pleco. It's a pretty simple, low maintainence tank (I don't have lots of time at work to care for it).

Glad to be here!

01-27-2009, 02:32 AM
Hello there! Welcome to the AC! We're glad to have you here and glad that you are glad to be here!

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Welcome :)

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Welcome to the site. Nice that you can set up a tank at work.

01-27-2009, 03:47 AM
Welcome to the Fabulous AC!:22:

Wild Turkey
01-27-2009, 04:08 AM
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