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02-04-2007, 05:45 PM
I was replying to a thread and it got me to thinking and I would like to know what everyone else thought...

I am not sure if all know this but My hubby caught a catfish last Mayin the Frog Pond at the Campsite we go to every year. Unsure of what his needs were we still decided to keep him...We even had everyone trying to get us to fatten him up to eat him..So MEAN!! That is besides the point here, I am very bored with him lately. He is now about 9.5 inches long and has fattened up ALOT since we got him.

I was thinking of putting him back where we got him this spring(too cold to do it right now, I think that would be cruel after being in a heated tank for 10 months). My dad told me I was mean for even thinking of putting him back in there after taking him from his enviroment and getting him used to us now I am going to throw him back. I didn't see it like that while doing this. I Feel as tho if send him back he will be back home maybe find his friend that we seen next to him when we caught him and be alot happier.

So I have more then one question to ask. Hopefully I can get an answer for most of them.

1- Was I wrong to take him to begin with?
2- Would he be ok if I sent him back?
3- Would it harm him in anyway? That you can think of.
4- Is there anyway to get him more active? I know he don't sleep all day/night in the wild!!
5- Do wild catfish Hibernate or somthing like hibernation?
6- Is this why he has slowed down on his activity?
7- Does anyone think if he can't go home maybe the LPS will take him?

I would like to keep the boring old buzzard but if this is what I get then I kinda think he should go back. Please help me. I am so confused right now.

02-04-2007, 05:53 PM
I think its a bad idea to take fish from the wild. they're used to big areas to swim in, and now he's in a microscopic area compared to his normal habitat. I think if you can just let him go.

Also, wild fish and plants introduce parisites

02-04-2007, 07:09 PM
I love Catfish especially catfish around here which include the bullhead used to catch them all the time:). cant say i've ever kept one but i dont know about your state but here in Ohio it is illegal to take native species from the wild and keep them.. And Petstores here can also only sell them with a certain permit.. I would check on your Divison of Natural resources site to see if such things are or arnt legal. Catfish are pretty much nocturnal..They will eat in the day but prefer night. Bullheads normally live in rivers with soft muddy bottoms and during winter. There body does slow down and they try to move to the deepest spots in the rivers.But that is normally triggered by cold water temps not the season. As for surviving, yes i believe he/she will make it catfish are very hardy fish and can survive and adapt well. As for activity..Catfish wont bounce around your tank or win any races but do you have lights on or an overhead light in the aquarium if so i recommend turning it off. Hope that helps! any other questions feel friend to PM let us know what you decide and how it goes :)