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01-25-2009, 08:51 AM
hola everyone, my name's bob, and i'm about 5 months into the aquarium world. i started with a densely packed 10 gallon tank that included a giant gourami, flame red dwarf gourami, a tinfoil barb, 3 buenos aires tetra and 2 different types of cory cats. i quickly realized i had some fast growing fish, so i got a 90 gallon long tank for them, and all but the giant gourami made the transition to it. my dwarf developed dropsy not long after that, and that fish sadly didn't last either. but i am happy to say that i now have a very big tinfoil barb named Barbados, a slightly smaller one named Bermuda, 5 Buenos Aires tetras, 3 cory cats and my newest addition, a young rainbow shark. i also have 3 little red eye tetras that seem to have developed a mouth infection, leaving them without an upper jaw. i have already lost one, but am a little uneasy with the idea of euthanizing them. they are quarantined and maintained in my 10 gallon hospital, and my rainbow and my albino cory are in my other 10 gallon, both getting some strength before going into the 90 gallon.

i decided to join to share some ideas and find some insight on what kind of fish and plants i can add. i might get some pictures up soon, too.

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Welcome to the site. I envy you going from a 10g to 90g! I'm sure people here can help ya with your fish questions.

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