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01-02-2009, 09:54 PM
Decided to start a journal, just because. So here it is.

10 Gallon
Bolivian ram (Moving to 20g soon)
Flame dwarf gourami
Three female guppys
six Albino coreys.
One blue gourami

20 gallon
Two blue gouramis
Two rusty cichlids (moving to 75 mbuna tank)
Red tailed shark (Also moving to 75 mbuna tank)
Three danios (getting three more)
Blue whale

75 Gallon
None, however, today, my stocking list has changed. So lll find out the names tomorrow when I figure out the type of fish.

1/2/09 10 gallon
Today nothing has changed. Things have quieted down a lot after that mysterious disease took all my frogs, dwarf gourami, and guppys. I noticed the bio-wheel wasnt turning, so I thing I need to replace my filter media later today or tomorrow.
1/2/09 20 gallon
Again nothing changed. Im so tired of the red tailed shark attacking everyone else! The rustys have some temperment issues also, but its way better than the sharks. Hopefully I can put them into the 75 tomorrow, but ill see.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------1/2/09 75 gallon
Finally to the good stuff lol. I went to my LFS and the ower gave me a bag of "dirty water." What he did was take all the filter medias in almost all the tanks, and squeeze it into a bucket of water. Then gave me the water to put in the tank. He said it would be ready for small amounts of fish. So were going back tomorrow to get some. Hopefully I can buy the rock tunnels tomorrow also. I can already see how it will look in my mind. Im excited.

01-03-2009, 10:39 PM
1/3/009 10 gallon

Again nothing changed. I'm afraid of a siginificant loss of good bacteria if I replace the filter cartrage, but it needs to be done so I might just take the dive and see what happens.
1/3/09 20 gallon
Nothing changed also. I noticed some really dark green algae today. I am waiting to see if the rustys will eat it off the sides. I'm worried about them because they seem to have mawli bloat, yet I feed them hikari staple, and hikari gold. I wonder if it has to much protein. Other than that, nothing changed.
1/3/09 75 gallon
So today I went to the LFS and the owner gave me two Yellow labs to put in, I also bought a texas holey rock. Its huge! I really like the yellow labs. At first they were really shy, but an hour later I turned on the light and put my face to the glass, and they swam up to me excitedly. It was pretty cool. I put in a pellet, but they didnt seem to notice it since it was so high up, so I broke apart an algae wafer and sunk it in the tank, they gobbled it up. I think I will wait a half of a week or one week to put in the next pair. The rustys. Dunno, I really like the rock. I was afraid the weight of the rock would crack the bottom, but it seems to be doing good. For some reason, when I look at it, it looks like a salt water tank with the rock, since the rock is white, and the gravel is a medium light, it kind of looks like sand and white coral or rock. I really like it. Ill be sure to take pictures later.

01-04-2009, 04:18 AM
75 gallon update
__________________________________________________ _________________
So I decided that it would be a good idea to swish the used filter media from the other tanks into the 75. Hopefully that will help start even more bacterial growth. I also put the red tailed shark in. He really likes it, and the labs stand up for themselves sometimes, others they just run away. Oh well, XD Im to excited about this tank.

01-19-2009, 09:48 PM
So its been a while lol,

So far

10 Gallon
20 gallon
Added two German rams, took out shark, and two rusty cichlids.
__________________________________________________ ________
75 gallon
Now to the fun

I added two red zebras the other day, the red tailed shark, and two blue johaniis. Love the tank a lot, heres some pics