View Full Version : Snails in my tank

12-12-2008, 09:41 PM
Sometimes when i get home from work i see my tank covered in snails. All pretty small but probably about a hundred of them. When i go to bed and wake up the next day they are all gone. This has happened a few times. What causes them to bloom like that and where so they go. Eaten i am guessing.

12-12-2008, 10:02 PM
You get a plague of snails when you overfeed your fish. They bloom when there's a bloom of food available, and they swell their numbers because of the largesse. Snails are no bad thing, just tiny aquarium janitors.
Some species only appear at certain times a day, and hide out the rest of the time.
By the way, you have no snail eaters in your stock list.

If you feed small amounts, just enough that your fish can eat all of in under 30 seconds, over time, you'll see fewer and fewer snails, as the amount of food and debris in your tank dictates how many snails your tank can support. Limiting the food your feed to your fishes and promptly removing any food that remains, as well as siphoning your tank weekly during your partial water change, will do much in limiting the number of snails your tank can support. Over time you'll see smaller and smaller numbers.
Small meals often, say three times a day, is far, far better than one large meal a day. The extra food is why you have lots more snails than a tank usually has.


12-13-2008, 05:38 AM
if you didnt add the snails they probably hitched in on a plant put a slice of zuchinni on the bottom wehn the snails pile on to eat it take it out and toss em. and like has been said cut down your feeding