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The Yabby (Crayfish)

The Yabby (Cheerax Destructor) is a freshwater invertebrate, commonly found in dams, creeks and rivers. Many aquarists don’t even consider having a Yabby in an aquarium, but with careful planning and research they can become a most exciting, interesting freshwater creature to have.

In the wild the Yabby is able to withstand poor water quality and can survive through long periods of drought. The scientific name destructor refers to the custom of burrowing into dam walls, where they can cause significant harm. A Yabby’s colour usually depends on the colour of their habitat; colours can range from greens to blacks. Red and blue are the more usual colours, although the brightness of the colour is typically plain and dull, due to them being found mostly in mud.

Yabby’s grow to an average of 15cm, although sizes can vary depending upon the conditions of the aquarium. The Yabby has two very distinguished claws. The claws are to be used mainly to defend themselves and to forage food. They also have four sets of walking legs and a long thick tail. Their tail flap is used to propel themselves quickly through the water.

Setting up an aquarium for a Yabby:

A Yabby shouldn’t be in anything less then a 20g tank. When setting up the tank, you need to make sure that there is a well fitted lid and that there is no way for the Yabby to escape. Sand or gravel is fine. A few live plants would be appreciative and a rock formation or driftwood cave would be wonderful.

Note:// Do not heavily plant tank, as the Yabby will feast on the vegetation, thus your plants will be consumed and nibbled.

You have 4 main choices for the stock:

a) 1 male Yabby (Only 1 male, no matter what size of tank!)
b) 1 female Yabby OR 2+ female Yabbies (Depends on tank size)
c) 1 Yabby with very quick, top region fish (Zebra Danios)
d) Community (Sometimes works, sometimes not)

Some Yabbies are more aggressive then others, so be careful when stocking!


Yabbies feed on vegetation (Plants), fish and remains of small dead animals. Yabbies are scavengers and use their pincers to catch small fish, particularly at night, when the fish are near the bottom and are asleep.


In courtship the male Yabby uses his claws to impress the female. After the pair mate, the male has no interest in any of the upbringing of the young and must be removed to his own tank. The 100-1000 fertilised eggs lie between the females rear legs. She curls her tail around them to cover and protect them. After the birth the young attach themselves to their mother for 4-6 weeks.

I hope everyone who wants a Yabby or is thinking about it, has found this post useful :)


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