View Full Version : Mexican turbo= great investment

11-10-2008, 12:13 PM
I bought a mexican turbo a week and a half ago and this is a great algae eater. So fars he's cleaned up about 50% of our hair algae and the small amount of cyno, and in another week I'll have to buy a veggie clip and seaweed to suppliment him. The powerhead for our skimmer was covered in it, so I was gonna remove it to clean it, and then I saw the snail on it, and 30 minuets later, it was almost spotless, lol. The only down side I've had with him is some frags have been knocked down, but it hasn't done that in a few days. If they didn't get so huge I'd add more, but I think ones the limit

Looks like a lawnmower blenny might not happen, he won't have any algae to eat...I'm back to the drawing board on stocking

11-10-2008, 10:37 PM
Turbo's are great, particularly at tackling types of algae that other consumers of algae can't eat (like tough wire algae).

Yeah, they can definately bulldoze over things which aren't firmly in place.