View Full Version : Plecos... and a loach

10-28-2008, 05:34 PM
My semi-new L239 Sorry for qualiy of pics.. he kept moving (eating) and my camera would not focus! He is blue with tinges of very light blue on the tips of all his fins... and I do think he is a HE! He has "bristles" on his fins and by his gills... Sorry for the size... I REALLY tried to resize them but it doesn't seem to be working...

By his house..
Another one of my Hemi:

and finally my largest CL: I think "she" was 1.5-2" when I bought her and I am guestimating her size at around 3" now... maybe 6 4-5 months later?

10-28-2008, 05:40 PM
Oh and on the top pick you can see some "holes" (though they really seem to be more like areas where his fin is "thinner" could be from my Hemi being a you-know-what? I am thinking my common is going to my LFS because my Hemi beats him up like you wouldn't believe (common is bigger than them all, too) and for the most part eaves The Blue Lagoon (LOL!) alone... (it is a 6 ft tank.. you'd think 3 ft would be enough for Hemi) but the other day he was in Blue's house... usually he doesn't bother him... but could those be injuries ? Everyone pretty much acknowledges Hemi as BOSS. ( and I thought I DIDN'T buy an overly aggro pleco Of course Blue is supposed to be shy and he is the piggiest one, so... you never know..) I guess I will just keep an eye on his fins... my water Quality is usually good, though I am due for a water change ... I will probably do one bigger one tomorrow (my day off) since I worked all weekend and missed my 2nd WC of the week...