View Full Version : Anemones eat bristleworms? NLS? (pics)

10-22-2008, 10:13 PM
I was feeding the anemone NLS (just to see if it would) while wathcing the end of the skins' game. It acted like it was going to eat the NLS, got it all the way to its mouth. Then it dropped them. It was almost like the pellets are not big enough for the anemone to manage to swallow. Just as it was managing to lose grip on the second pellet all of a sudden it has a bristleworm on it. At first I thought the worm had accidentally wondered onto the anemone and was trying to find its way off. Then the anemone moved it toward its mouth and began to swallow it. After that the anemone kind of folded/bunched up so I couldn't see its mouth. I would have removed it but I feared tugging at the bristleworm (of course I would not use my fingers) could make things work. Since I figured it could have happened when I wasn't watching (or already has) I just left it. It did eat two silversides yesterday though, so it seems okay. Anyone heard of this?

10-22-2008, 10:25 PM
They're opportunistic feeders and are usually willing to attempt to consume anything which triggers their feeding response.

I fed a bristleworm to my pseudocorynactis last week (a highly predatory anemone-like mushroom), I though it would sense it wasn't edible and reject it but it ended up stinging it to death and eating it.