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01-14-2007, 11:35 PM
I am new to this forum, and relatively new to fish keeping. I started with a two gallon tank (Betta) and I have now graduated to a ten gallon tank. I have started slowly with some Zebra Danios and once my tank is ready, I will be adding two Red Wag Platies and, possibly, a Betta (I already have a tank divider in place - just in case the Betta doesn't fit in with the others). I am not certain what Zebra Danios are supposed to be like, but mine seem to be flourescing. The colours are not always readily visible, but they just shine when they do - mostly redish, sometimes bluish. I wonder if I might have the leftovers of someone else's attempts to produce "glo-fish". Sometimes I think that I have neon zebras. Otherwise, they have the usual black stripes and are love the whole tank and all the various plants (fake) in it. Two females appear to be very dominant, and I thought that I lost one of the more submissive males when I couldn't find him in the tank. Even when I did find him, I still thought he might be dead - he had squeezed himself into the middle of a bushy plant and was lying very still. I left him there over supper, just in case, and when I went to "fish" the bush out of the tank to extracate him, he had already left and found himself someplace else to hang out. My husband and I are already looking forward to stocking a larger tank, but we will be satisfied with the ten gallon for now. There are limits to how many fish I can put in, but it will provide a great learning experience before I graduate to my next size.

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