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10-17-2008, 10:51 AM
Ok we put a post up a little under a month ago asking about kribs, well we have our 2 kribs now and we was wondering why the male keeps getting close to the female and then well he sort of shoo's her off, the female swims away very fast, she seems to be keeping well away from the male cause he chases her.

Also we have been thinking instead of using the 90L tank as there home, moving them into our 200L tank and getting maybe 2 more kribs(M/F)or more to go in with them. At the moment we have 8 Platies, 7 Mollies,3 Rosy Barbs, 6 Flame tetras and 4 Kuhlii Loach, also 7 Guppies which we will move to the 90L where the 2 kribs are at the moment. Would that work in a 200L with the fish we have mentioned, we are not sure that the Kuhlii loach would be ok could anyone help plz.

Many thanks.
Jnruthy xx

10-17-2008, 11:11 AM
The behavior indicates that the male doesn't accept her as his mate. It often happens when one buys just a pair. The standard practice is to buy six or better eight youngsters, and let them pair up naturally. When kribs pair up, they are mated for life.
Adding another pair would be a real crap shoot, as the established male would most likely attack the interlopers.
Kribs do attack fish with flowing fins. It's 50-50 whether they'll 'get along' with the loaches, as usually kribs don't like to share their lower realm. Also, they do not like to share caves with other species, so you might want to re think your stocking plans.
If you look in the dwarf cichlid forum, you'll see my primer at the top. It contains more information on kribs.


10-17-2008, 11:32 AM
Hi Dave,
We have just read your primer and apart from the loach we should be ok to put kribs in our 200L(52 US Gall)You say in your primer that you should get more than 1 per and more like 6 to 8, now how many kribs would you advise us to get in a 200L tank, with the other fish that we have, we can also sort out the loach and move them to another tank also the guppies are being moved.
Many thanks Dave.
Jonruthy xx