View Full Version : how much is a female crown tail????

that 1 guy
10-11-2008, 01:43 AM
does a female crown tail cost more den a regular female r is it all the same??

10-11-2008, 02:03 AM
Check at your local pet stores. The petco here sells them for the same price I do believe..

that 1 guy
10-11-2008, 02:24 AM
yea i just saw one at petsmart i wasnt sure if i should get it r not couse i have a super delta tail n im looking for a nice female 2 breed it with... m not sure if a delta/cruwn tail will look nice... i cant seem 2 find a female delta

10-11-2008, 05:41 AM
I don't think Petco or Petsmart sells DT females... I have never seen them carry any. In your other post I posted about Aquabid. Check there for a female. Try and find someone who is from the US that is selling because if you buy from Thailand you'll be paying for transhipping fees which is not fun... if you get one from someone in the US you won't have to do that. All you have to do is pay for the fish and regular live fish shipping costs. But be prepared to spend a little more than you would at a LPS. They are worth every penny though because they are for breeding purposes and figuring out the outcome of the babies with fish bought from there will be easier. However, deciding what babies/colors you will get when breeding from a LPS is like breeding blind because you don't know any of the genetics of the fish. Don't worry about that though because I am going to do the exact same thing. I got a purple butterfly super delta male from Petco and I am wanting to breed him in trying to find the links for the elusive purple betta. I am breeding half blind, so it may not be THAT difficult. Do you have all the supplies for your breeding/fry? Good luck!

that 1 guy
10-11-2008, 06:34 AM
well no after i get the female i want den i will get everything ready...its been like 4 years since i last tried 2 breed betta

10-11-2008, 06:43 AM
Ok then make sure to get everything you need..