View Full Version : Is my snail sick?

09-07-2008, 07:57 PM
hello everyone,

hopefully someone can advise me on what to do...I've had a black mystery snail for about a month...brought it for my kids...they really don't pay attention to it anymore, but I've grown quite fond of "Gary". Gary is very, very active..in a five gallon tank, no heater, has a filter...gravel and banana plant which he/she loves...started laying eggs about 2 weeks ago...4 clusters, I assume these will not hatch, but who knows...bear in mind I know nothing at all about building and maintaining aquariums (a cat person), but I have learned alot from pet stores, internet and basically, I hope common sense...I'm trying to make Gary's home as comfortable for him/her as possible.

Here's the problem...Gary suddenly not as active, seems to be at bottom of tank alot, forgive me I do not know actual term, but I guess it could be called the snail's foot, it used to pull this part in to sleep, now snail is on the pointed part of shell, and the 'foot' crunched together in front of him/her....also, today the snail was floating at the top of the tank...I've never seen Gary do this before...also, yesterday saw some whitish, clear jelly like substance come out from under shell...I'm starting to worry...but maybe my fears are unfounded...I really don't know enough about snails...if anyone can help it would be great...thank you

09-07-2008, 09:22 PM
You really should have a heater in there unless the temp of the water is staying at about 75 and over. Floating is something they regularly do. Snails will often go dormant in a sense for quite some time, so no worries there.