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01-02-2006, 12:26 PM
I change 20% of water every week and i add a liquid called geoliquid to stabelize the chemicals and get rid of chlorine and other stuff. and my fish dont get stressed and seem right, but that changed when i bought bala sharks when i changed the water they died. so i read about it in the net there was nothing to tell me my problem.

but some websites told me that when i change the water i put a cup of the new water to my tank every hour, so is that right.

And when u change the water do u add anything or just straight get it from the tap please help i would appreciate it if i get answers.

also tell me steps to change water :( :( :( :( :( :?:

01-02-2006, 09:28 PM
No. you don't need to add a cup every hour to the water. You can do it in one go.

20% very week sounds good.

Water change guide.
1. Remove water from the old aquarium and try to suck debris and dirt from the bottom while doing this. When you have removed all the water you are going to remove you should remove all "larger" debris that is left in the aquarium such as dead leaves.

Turn of the filter if parts of it ends up over water. The same goes for the heater. Make sure that the filter doesn't stay turned of for more than 20-30 min since it will, start form toxins in the filter if more time passes that will be pumped out into the water once you start the filter again. Make sure that you use room temperated water when you clean the filter and that you don't let the filter material dry out. Hot water kills important bacteria. You shouldn't clean the filter every time you change water unless it gets clogged, once a month is enough.

2. prepare new water. Make sure that your new water is about the same temperature as the old water +- 1 degree Celsius / +- 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Add the water preparing chemicals like geoliquid to the new water according to instructions.

3. Carefully add the new water to the aquarium. try not to disturb the bottom by pouring the water on a side window or on a plate you placed on the bottom during the time you add the new water.

Thatís it! It isnít harder than that

Make sure that you never use any cleaners/detergents in your aquarium or on the equipment. If you need to do so you need to rinse them extremely well before using it in the aquarium again. They canšt end up in the aquarium water.