View Full Version : Help! Frisky Fancy Goldfish!

08-20-2008, 01:51 PM
So, I have 3 fancy goldfish now.
all about a year old...
little did i realise what has happened!
i have separated one fish from the other two, i thought they were trying to kill it... harrasing it etc... anyway to cut a long story short i have sexed the two very dominant bully fish as male (obviously) and the one on it's own... is alot smaller but i can't tell if it's a female.
i would love some baby fishies, however i don't know what to do now i've separated them all. any ideas would be really great! I need an asnwer asap so I know whether I can put them back together to start them off again!
many thanks

OH... PS
i changed the water in both tanks... if they were ready to breed, have i ruined their chances?
could i put them back together and would they get back to business?
it appears they were doing all the normal chasing things, and they were also all bought together at the same time....

08-21-2008, 03:06 AM
Goldfish don't usually harm each other during spawning, so if the males looked like they were about to cause physical harm it might not have been mating.

If they didn't look like they were about to hurt each other I'd just put them back together and see what happens. Or put them all in a different tank, let them do their thing, then move them back to their own tank. That way they can't eat the eggs and chances are some will hatch. Make sure you have no snails or any fish in the tank which could eat the eggs tho.