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08-10-2008, 12:20 AM
Hello Everyone, and thanks for the resposes to my previous post of pics
Those are pictures of C. fasciatus, C. manningi with and without eggs and an egg carrying P. enoplosternum.

I keep and breed a large amount of different crayfish every year and the you are sold or traded to other people interested in keeping rare and unique crays.
Granted most are expensive to buy pairs of, but i am always willing to trade for wild caught crays from other states for breeding projects.

I just set up another rack for cray breeders and now I need to fill them with crays so I am posting this.
I am looking for people from other states that actually go out collecting in there areas. I am offering to trade other captive bred crays, Fissidens moss for shrimp tanks, native fish, a few types of african cichlids, freshwater cherry shrimp, Cherax species crays, and bogwood selfsinking aquarium wood, or cash, for wild collected crays from your areas.
If you are interested and have exp. in shipping fish and inverts overnight express, then contact me at everynowanthen29456@yahoo.com and include your county so I can see what crays are in your area

You can leave a reply here, but I will not be able to check this all the time since I stay pretty busy with my job, the crays, and native fish collecting.

Thanks and Take care.