View Full Version : What does "clamped fins" mean?

07-16-2008, 12:45 PM
I see a lot of sickness descriptions include the words "clamped fins". I Googled for pictures of male bettas, but it seems that almost everyone makes their male flare before they take a picture of him. This gives the impression that males have their fins flared all day long.

My male flares if I get close to his tank, but he usually just lets his fins hang naturally. What's the difference between letting his fins flow naturally behind him and "clamping" them?

If anyone can show me a picture of clamped fins, that would be especially helpful. Thank you in advance!

07-16-2008, 12:55 PM
Don't know about pictures, but clamped fins is the opposite of flaring. The fish deliberatly keeps it's fins as close to it's body as possible.

If the fins are flowing naturally, it's not a problem.