View Full Version : Well, I added some fry control

The Wedge
07-16-2008, 02:13 AM
I have a 30 gallon Julidochromis Ornatus tank. They are juveniles...but I seem to have 2 pairs already. I grabbed a couple of Black Calvus for fry control. I know the Calvus will out grow the tank in a year or so...that is okay. I just don't want to deal with tons of fry like my Mbuna tank...although the rock work is not so extensive in my 30. I just dig Calvus...even if they are just on a temporary resident

07-16-2008, 05:21 AM
Calvus seem to be one of the slowest-growing fish, they generally average about 1"/year. No reason you couldn't keep an adult pair in a 30 w/julies.