View Full Version : Any tricks to breeding tiger barb's?

The Barb-er
07-15-2008, 04:38 PM
I had a heater crap out on me last weekend, and when i replaced it the temp spiked to a lil over eighty, and as soon as it did the hormones went berserk in my entire shoal (5 tiger 4 Albino and three red tail tinfoil barbs) The males colors became really vivid and the females plumped up at blinding speed. I've separated my three females (2 tigers and 1 Albino) into a separate ten gallon that i plan to use for the breeding tank and i've kept the temp around 80-81. I introduced tubifex worms the dried ones to both tanks last night and have continued with the flake food that they normally receive on a daily basis with the females to help them produce. How much and how often should i change the water, how long should i keep them separate, is it a bad idea to keep more than one female and one male in the breeding tank until i notice eggs? Any other tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. p.s. I know that the tinfoils will grow out of the tigers pretty quickly so i bought a 75 off craig's list that I'm cycling to put them and maybe an Oscar or two in...