View Full Version : betta fish desease?

12-12-2006, 07:39 PM
I bought three betta fish two weeks ago. It is my first attempt to deal with aquarium fish. I hold them in thier personal aquariums (about 1 gallon each) with a few fake plants. They are all males. One male looked seek, didn't eat, didn't move and his eyes looked like "popeye" (I bought a book about bettas and read something in the internet), one eye was bigger than another and looked like stick out of the head. I tried to treat the fish with tetrocycline as many sources recommends (5 days, changing the water every 24 hours) Now he looks more vivid, he eats, but still it looks like his eyes messed up pretty bad. He "attacks" the food I give him but misses it very often. Other fish have no problem to get it from the first attempt, this poor thing has to try to catch it several times to get it finally. One of his eye is still too big and he has some discoloration near gills. Should I try to do something else or maybe just leave him alone? He eats, swim around looks kind of vivid at least mach better than before.
Another fish has a very very long tail and yesterday I notice it got a split. Could it be a sharp fake plant? I read it could be a desease too. It doesn't have any bleeding just the end of the tail has a split that it didn't have before. What do you think? Should I tourture this guy with antibiotics in case? Or probably just better food and remove any sharp plants? I use the conditioner for the water it is always very warm in my room, pH of the water is about 6.8.
I didn't have much experience with fish and I am very confuse.

Lady Hobbs
12-15-2006, 11:17 PM
Sounds as they both have a fungus. The betta could possibly have hurt his eye on something but an eye fungus wouldn't surprise me.

You could try getting some Melafix and use it on both fish. Very little tho since they are in small area's.