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Demi ^_^
06-26-2008, 08:09 AM
Well, recently alot of things hav happened!

We had bought this fish food and started feeding the fish that stuff, my opaline gourami died and a bristlenose catfish died. We stopped feeding that food until we ran out of flakes, which was a few days ago, so we went bak to feeding the fish food and... tada my largest and most beautiful Angelfish "Blaze" became ill! Stupid fish food, we stropped using it obviously and now again no fish are sick or ill or dying!

Blaze was ill-looking and was being bashed by 2 of my angels near the filter, we scooped Blaze up, put him in this kewlio 'fish-baggy' my dad has and stuck a battery-operated bubler and things in their.

Anyways, we did a W/C and as the filter was halfway through being cleaned cleaned by my dad he suddenly yelled out "Demi, r these eggs!!!!!" Indeed, their were fish eggs on the filter, I screamed and said "yes!" and he put the filter quickly back into the water, most of the eggs are turning white I noticed today, I am guessing that means they r gone bad?????

blaze is still in the fish-baggy, looking lively and well. We have one pair of Angels on 1 side of the tank and the other pair near the filter who r obviously mummy-daddy of eggs. Sharks are being continuously attacked, Tetras are smart and staying in middle of tank, Corys fat and healthy, the only BN is sucking and getting large and dear ol' Kuhli Loach "freddie" is happy at the new shells in the tank!

Will the Angels hav another spawn? wat should I do with Blaze who will be continuously attacked as the only angel bachelour? I need HELP!

Lady Hobbs
06-26-2008, 08:25 AM
You see now what it's like to try to have several angels living together. It seldom works without a very large tank so they all have their territories. I was able to have 2 pr in a 55 but that was pretty touchy at times, as well, and was only able to succeed by having the center so full of plants that the tank was almost divided by them.

I had 9 which resulted in having to have 4 tanks to keep them separated until I gave them all way from frustration. lol They were preventing me from having a few other fish, as well. Everything in the tank will be fair game to them during their spawning times and some of mine ate neons. But yes, the white eggs are infertile but they will continue to have eggs every couple of weeks now. I think mine spawned every 3 weeks.

Your guy without a partner will have to be re-homed or he'll be tormented constantly. They really do best if paired up and in their own tank. There they are very happy, bother no one and get along beautifully with their mate.

Throw that food out! It might be moldy. And get rid of those dead eggs. Angels should have about 15-20 gallons per fish.

Demi ^_^
06-26-2008, 10:38 AM
Do I hav to get rid of the eggs? I thought I just had to leave them there.. I mean, some are not white.

I was definately considering homing 'Blaze' althou was suprised as I thought that as the biggest of the Angels, he would definately be part of a pair. The whole idea of getting a lot of Angels for my tank was to have one pair, as I hav 2, I'll probably re-home a pair too (Althou not absolutely sure) I am very thankful I have an Xcellent LFS!!

Lady Hobbs
06-26-2008, 10:42 AM
The only dead eggs are the white eggs and the parents may eat those. If they don't, they will get fuzzy and grow fungus. In that event, remove them then.

Demi ^_^
06-27-2008, 07:40 AM
Well, mumma+dadda ate their eggs, even the good ones! I am not disappointed as I am sure I will get another spawn in a couple of weeks. I will remove dead eggs in future spawnings.

I am unsure of what I want to do with 'Blaze' he is my fav. out of my Angelfish... Although in the end i will probably re-home him.

Demi ^_^
06-27-2008, 07:54 AM
Well, alot has been happening lately and I haven't been here to share it,

First of all, I have 2 pairs of Angelfish, 1 pair hangs around the left side of the tank and guards their terratory, while my other pair, whom I call 'mumma+dadda' as they had recently had their first batch of eggs on the filter. Unfortunatly most of the eggs turned white and mumma+dadda ate them this arvo, even the good eggs! I cannot wait for my next batch of eggs and am hoping it'll be much more successful!

I have also had a bad encounter with a type of fish food. After using this fish food, my Opaline Gourami became sick, got suctioned to the filter and then died. A Bristlenose catfish also died.
The fish food became a reason of death although we were not totally sure and we started to use the fish flakes as we always did, no fish died.
We ran out of the flakes a couple of days ago and again began using the fish food, my largest and beautifulest Angelfish, Blaze, became ill. So the food has definately been ditched!

We have pulled out all the dying plants, Blaze was put in a fish-baggy (Hospital) and is still their recovering and looking very well now and all the other fish are doing great.

We are hoping to add more plants and more BN's soon, once everything is running smoothly :-)

Lady Hobbs
06-27-2008, 01:13 PM
I was getting so exasperated with mine and their fighting and re-homing each pair to another tank that I finally traded all 9 for my blood parrots and one firemouth. I had not planned to trade all 9! I wanted to keep my one pair of wild silvers that were my favorite. My communication wasn't too good with the guy with whom I made the trade and he thought I meant all 9 so I just shut my mouth and let him take them.

I still miss having a pair but I just had too many and couldn't afford to keep buying tanks for separating them all. They are beautiful fish and have so much personality.

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