View Full Version : is there something wrong with my cory

12-09-2006, 07:31 PM
I have three albino corys. I've noticed that on one of them its eyes are all white instead of having the pink or red. He also acts different then the rest he likes to sit on the bottom alot more and he barly moved. I was wondering if theres something wrong with him or if maybe he is blind. Anybody have any ideas?

Lady Hobbs
12-09-2006, 07:37 PM
Sounds as he has eye fungus. You may have to separate him and treat him with fungus cure. It may also carry on to others in your tank, too, so check them all out and make sure you see no others or will have to treat the whole tank. If he can't see, he may be staying where he is for comfort since he can't find his food or tank buddies.

12-09-2006, 07:39 PM
Thanks for the info. What kind of treatment should i use on him? is there an all purpose solution?

Lady Hobbs
12-09-2006, 07:59 PM
I have used Jungle Labs fungus clear. It's 2.98 at WalMart. It has been known to mess with your biological system but I found never for very long. If this is the only fish with this problem, you could put him in a pail and treat only him for a few days and see how he's doing if you don't have a hospital tank. I also use Lifeguard which treats everything but it's a 5 day treatment and your corey doesn't appear to have anything wrong with him but this fungus. Often they can injure an eye but since both eyes are involved, it's a safe bet it's a fungus problem.

Good luck.

12-09-2006, 08:06 PM
can he die from this infection. is it something that i need to get treated as soon as possible or can i wait till i am in town (roughly 2 days).

Lady Hobbs
12-09-2006, 08:29 PM
What I do which doesn't help your situation any is always keep ick and fungus meds on hand. You can keep both right at home for $6 and the minute you see signs of a problem, can treat immediately.

This fungus will spread to other fish if it hasn't already. He may also lose his eyesight if not treated soon so I guess it's up to you on how fast you wish to start treatment.

12-10-2006, 04:33 AM
Since you can't make it to town for a couple of days, can I ask what water conditioner you use? Many of them have stuff to help with the slime coat which just makes the fish feel better and helps them to fight some stuff off on their own. I use stresscoat and have had good success with it using the dosage recommended for damaged skin etc. I doubt it would do much good in the long run for the fungus, but it may help the little guy feel a little better.
Hobbs suggestion on keeping some stuff on hand is a good one. I always keep melafix and pimafix on hand, it doesn't harm bio filter and is safe. I only step up after those 3 options if I have to except for my clown loaches that have been notorious for internal parasites.