View Full Version : 3 new additions and the first filter cleaning

12-08-2006, 03:51 AM
I lost one more fish a few days ago. This time I have no idea why it died (or even which on it was). The only other two that died had complications with rocks (one scraped up real bad, died next morning, one stuck between rock and glass). I found a torn up corpse in the morning. I think it was just a smaller female. This is the first one they tore up the body. That took me down to 12. Yesterday I added 3 more. No pics yet. I will check Petsmart tomorrow, they haven't been getting any new ones lately. I also cleaned the FX5 for the first time tonight. I noticed the flow was dropping, so I was going to do it tomorrow, but tonight it was almost stopped. It defnitely grabs lots of stuff. I added another kilogram of Biomax and removed the (filthy) fine mechanical pads made for the FX5. I will use filter floss for fine mechanical as I do with all my other Fluvals. The new guys are a banana colored yellow one, a orange blackeye, and an almost black blue with red. I don't mind that these aren't 'pure bred' like many people do, I just want them to look good. And my big female is holding again.

12-08-2006, 04:11 AM
Sorry to hear you lost another one. At least there is a bright side, you got to buy new fish. I hope these new ones work out for you. How big is your cichlid tank? Also when you wash your FX5 do you just wash it in tank water? Also congrats about your new fry on their way.

12-08-2006, 01:36 PM
It's the 150 Lake Malawi Peacock tank. You can see pics here: http://s28.photobucket.com/albums/c207/reptileguy2727/?sc=1&multi=7 I am on well water, but usually do not even touch the biomax anyways. So I just clean in tap water.