View Full Version : Interesting change of dynamics...

06-01-2008, 01:10 PM
I have three angel fish, I have been trying to get them to live in harmony. Let's call them angel A, angel B and angel C.

Angel A is male, the biggest and has been in the tank the longest, he used to have a female buddy but she died after being tangled in some plants.

After I introduced angel B and C at the same time, angel A did not like them at all and attacked them aggressively. I placed angel A into another tank as a result.

When angels B and C are in one tank by themselves, they seemed to have established their own respectively territory, they don't like each other getting into their territory, they respond by doing a chase, but not an attack or bite, just a chase to the "imaginary" boundary of their territory and as soon as the other angel gets out of that area, the chase stopped. Angel B seem to be somewhat peaceful and very passive. During feeding time both angels will come to the surface and it's obvious angel C is more dorminant and active. Angel C will feed and chase angel B away from the surface of the water, angel B will feed from the bottom when the flakes sunk, leaving angel C to be eating from the top. This goes on for a few days and eventually angel C seem to have gained dominance. Angel B seems to not chase C anymore when C occasionally intrude into his area.

I have no idea if B or C is male or female.

So one day I added angel A back into the mix. Angel A seems to live in harmony with the other two initially, until he is familiar with the environment, in about 2 hours, he started to chase and bite both B and C.

I removed A back into his tank, and now B and C are back to their old self, with C dominating.

I waited a week, added A back again. Same thing, except C is now swimming alongside A, sort of being his buddy. C will now aggressively chase B if he/she sees B, while A will chase both, but seems to tolerate C swimming alongside it more and more. Angel B hid into a corner...whenever B shows up during feeding, A and C chase B away, B is always hiding behind rocks and plants.

So I took angel C out of the tank, and move him/her into another tank, leaving A and C in the same tank. Surprising, they seem to get along, not much interaction, but only a chase or two by A when C goes into his territory.

Now after one day, I added C back into the mix. Surprise! They all GOT ALONG for a whole two days, no attack, onky a few mild chases.

I left town for biz for three days, and came back yesterday.

I have no idea what happened. Roles are reversed!

The shy angel B that always hid is now on top! He/she will chase C away when C approaches. One time they kissed - their mouth pecked at each other once and then backed off. Angel C is no longer the king...and dominant angel A, is now not the aggresser, both B and C swim near him, but he does not chase them away, he seemed to tolerate them being around, while B and C are now more balanced, with C seemed to have gained the upper edge, for now.

I see a minor tear in C's tail fin, very minor.

So it's all good, right?