View Full Version : Mystery snail hatching

05-19-2008, 07:49 PM
Ok i hope one day someone will find this helpful...I discoverd last time my mystery snails hatched that the eggs turn into shells and u will c there little black bodies u can bet they are going to hatch within a few days. But I hate digging them out of my 30 gal to get them into my 10gal sooo when i start to see the black dots i beging softly rubbing the clutch (with wet fingers) if they are ready they will roll off the cluster and u can catch them... if u acidently smash it take your fingers and grab the clutch and rol it like you are breaking up food alot of baby snails will drop in your tank but keep in mind doing this might make you lose some but after one clutch hatching i had more then enough to feed my mystery snail fascination.

Also u can gently remove cluster from your tank and pput them in a tupperware bowel with water and put a piece of styrofoam in it put the lid on it put it on top of your tank and they will hatch as long as the clutch is not in the water! U must set the cluster on the styrafoam. I hope this will help some one new to mystery snail hatching