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11-23-2006, 11:11 AM
Hey all.

As you probably know, I'm getting a new tank to setup as a Hillstream loach (aka butterfly, suckerbelly or borneo loach) specialist tank.

Should I have soley Hillsteams, or should I have a few small and non aggressive 'middle tank' fish, or a few Kuhlies (my other fishy passion).

Any suggestions?

Lady Hobbs
11-23-2006, 11:16 AM
Hi Jacquie and Happy Thanksgiving. As I mentioned when I posted you before I don't know anything about Hillstream loaches but have you checked if they are compatible with Kuhlies. I don't know what they are either! :)

How's that tank going? Did you get it set up yet and have your Hillstreams yet?

11-23-2006, 11:24 AM
Not yet. My brother inlaw (hes not really my brother inlaw, more my boyfriends brother, but same difference) is building me a stand for it. And I gotta save up for the equipment. Doesnt help that I'm on the same wage I was when I was 13 (I'm 20 in December).

My LFS is going to do me a deal on the Hillstreams when I get them, because I'll be getting a few at once.

In my community tank My Hillstreams and Kuhlies seem to get along. Havn't seem them 'fighting' or anything and theyve been together for about 4 months or so.

Happy thanksgiving to you too ^_^

11-23-2006, 12:45 PM
I would suggest doing your own research on the hillstreams, making sure you know as much as you need. There is also a website loaches.com that I have seen give some wonderful advice about loaches. There are alot of loach lovers in there and they may have much more knowledge for you.

11-23-2006, 12:54 PM
Awesome, Thanks Kimmers.

I'll keep you all updated and *hopefully* if I get a digital camera from Santa like I asked (lol) I'll be able to put up pictures of it

Lady Hobbs
11-23-2006, 12:56 PM
I can't believe they still think minimum wage here works at $5.15 an hour. It's a slap in the face to young people trying to work especially when you have to work all day for one tank of gas. But that's enough of "going there" this morning.

Here's a site that tells what's a good community tank with Kuhliies.


Lady Hobbs
11-23-2006, 01:10 PM

good article about hillstreams

11-24-2006, 10:10 AM
Awesome, thanks for your help guys ^_^