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11-23-2006, 09:53 AM
I got 5 convicts of my nephew when they where very young, One of them seems to be an albino, but it has black eyes, I always thought any albino has red eyes.

This was bred from 2 normal convicts, they had had numerous fry before, but this was a first white baby for them, is this a common occurence.

I have attatched a pic, sorry about clarity, (I need a bit of practice for POTM LOL), can anyone tell the sex by the picture, also Any info on white convicts would be appreciated, as from what I have read albino are meant to be a different strain, but this fella defenately came from two black striped convicts.

11-23-2006, 03:35 PM
Picture is not clear enough to sex it, but it is the same as the black convicts, orange on the belly means it's a female. Pink convicts are very common. They are not albino because they have black eyes. They are simply called pink convicts. The care is exactly the same. Both of the parents that it was bred from were het (heterozygous) for pink. All that really means is both already had this common gene in them and when they bred, it was expressed in this one. The only odd thing about this is that usually if the parents are het for pink, more than just one will display the gene. When I started breeding convicts a few months ago, my first male was black and my first female was pink. None of the off spring from that pair were pink, which shows that the father was not het for pink. However because the mother was pink, all the young were het for pink. When I allowed the young to interbreed (in general this should not be done to ensure the quality of the young) some were pink as they should be. I now have about 16 in a 55 and only one is pink. My favorite is the calico, pink with black clotches.

11-24-2006, 05:29 AM
he/she is pretty cool!

11-24-2006, 12:06 PM
I was talking to the nephew today, he said the parents had 6 lots of fry, each containing about 100 babys, of these breedings he estimates at least 25 from each got to the stage to see the colour (they shared his tank with his very placid 10 inch oscar and pair of guarmi), and this was the 1st white one he had seen, he has since given the parents of this one to a freind, as his oscar would only swim in about 18inches of his 4 foot tank while the convicts where continuasly breeding.

I realise that inbreeding is not recomended, but as nature would have it, I am going to leave this 5 together to see what the offspring are.

This one has us both puzzled, and I really think he regrets getting rid of her?him?