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05-05-2008, 12:21 AM

05-05-2008, 12:23 AM
:1luvu: :19: :18:

05-05-2008, 01:10 AM
Beautiful colors. Great pics. :c3:

05-05-2008, 02:40 AM
Very nice!! I love the vivid colors. :) Thanks for sharing!!!!

05-05-2008, 02:50 AM
I love that lab! Nice work!

05-05-2008, 11:38 AM
Thanks. Yea I really like the lab as well. I only have one red zebra though and plan to get about 2 more when I get the 100g done.

05-05-2008, 11:51 AM
Great pics as always Kuli!!!!!!!!

05-08-2008, 10:07 AM
Great pics, Kuli! Wish I could take pics like that.
That's a real pretty yellow lab. Nice yellow color and beautiful black on it's dorsal fin. Most of my labs don't look near as nice.
The other 2 pics of the red zebra, are they the same fish? They're male right?
Why no pic of the blue fish hiding in the bottom pic? Is it a Callainos?
What other fish do you have in there? Would love to see more pics! You do a good job. Thanks for sharing.

05-08-2008, 11:31 AM
I haven't sexed them. I think it's a powder blue but I am not sure. I have mostly auturus in there and I think I have albino zebras in there also. There all going to go to the 100g which my cousin said IS still available so today I am going to have her get a hold of the guy and tell him yes, I wanna buy it.

05-09-2008, 03:16 AM
im gonna get some red zebras now lol i have a question for you KULI, i have a female auratus thats about 2.5 inches and i want to get a male about the same size! i know auratus can be very vicious which is why im scared to get the male! i plan to have just under 20 mbuna in my 55 gallon so let me know if the male/female auratus pair would be ok. thanks

05-09-2008, 03:18 AM
nice pics kuhli!