View Full Version : Keeping Crayfish

05-04-2008, 10:47 PM
Crayfish is one of the most overlooked inverts as most when they think of inverts, S/W kind come to mind. Now first off you need your equipment. I prefer a 10g species only tank for them to not risk the crayfish from killing fish. A whisper 15 is what I use and is the smallest filter I recommend for a 10g crayfish tank. Now for a substrate I use gravel but sand works fine, they will just burrow a little into it. Now for decor. You want a lot of rocks and if you are interested in seeing it a lot then lean a rock up against the front of the glass so he can get in there and you can see him. If you are to use plants, use plastic ones as they will shred live. I prefer not to use a heater in my crayfish tank. For food I feed a varied diet of shrimp pellets and sinking wafers with it getting frozen when I have extra from feeding my other fish. Basically if it sinks then they will eat it. They do NOT have to get tot he top of the water, they have gills. They do NOT have to have fish in there diet. If you are tempted to keep them with fish then USUALLY if fed properly and enough, it will not use up it's energy to catch your fish but use top swimming fast fish. I like to use my crayfish tank as my algae culture for my africans which may be something for you if you need a culture and want a crayfish. If you have any questions ask and I will try or someone else will try to answer.