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11-17-2006, 06:32 AM
i have a 5 banded barb who resides in a 100 gallon tank with a school of his own, 5 angels, and 2 male bettas (believe it or not, the betta's are the best of buddies, the angels put them in their place if they get out of line--lol).
all water conditions are within normal range for this community. about 2 weeks ago my barb became to show symptoms of possible "hole in head". freaked out, i treated the entire tank with "metronidazole (metrozol)". i removed the carbon filter, and dosed once, 24 hours gave them a 25% water change, then repeatred the dose as the insrtuctions on the box said. No one else in the tank showed any symptoms ( i figured i would treat the whole tank, since they were all exposed.?), but the barb..he never got sick or stopped eating...just a hole in the head.

all was well for about a week, until one evening i came home to find i left the heat on in the house, which made it a very worm day for the fish. Their tank stays at 80 degrees, and that evening, the tank was at 86 degrees. i slowly got the tank down to normal temp by late evening. The following morning, my barb had a bubble on his right side, a clear bubble, not like an ulcer or sore.. it somewhat looked like the hole that was in his head the previous week did. the hole in his head sometimes looked like it had a "sack" or something around it. his head wound is almost fully healed. Again, he is not at all acting sick. eats very well, mostly freeze dried foods, and vegies..they also get a vitamin suppliment daily called "fresh solution".

the tank did experience some stress around 3 weeks ago, all before this started. I did a 50% water change and really vacuumed the gravel, and that kicked up a lot of crap for a good 12 hours or so. so my question is: does it sound like hole in the head? did the temperature increase effect him in any way? what should i treat with? I decided to start by giving a normal water change, added aquarium salt, and started a "melafix" treatment.
any ideas?