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04-26-2008, 04:58 PM
Just when I thought I had posted all articles and profiles that people sent me jbeining75 showed me that I missed to publish some of his. Here they are.

Shrip articles:
Common Cleaner shrimp (http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/../inv/commoncleaner.php) This one lacks pictures. Please Pm me if you have a pic AC can use.

Invertebrate profiles
Malaysian Trumpet Snail (http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/../snail/mts.php) (Pictue by Shalafi04)
Redclaw Crayfish (http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/../crayfish/redclaw.php) (lacks picture. Do anyone got one)

I also posted: What is an invertebrate? (http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/../inv/whatis.php)

Fish profiles:
Bolivian ram (http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/../fish/bolivianram.php)
German Blue Ram (http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/../fish/germanblueram.php)
Oscar (http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/../fish/oscar.php)

Thanks JB. Your contributions are appriciated. :1luvu:

If you sent me something that I haven´t posted please contact me as it might have fallen throught the cracks.

I also published an article by Red Severum that I somehow missed. The profile is Lamp eye tetra. (http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/../fish/lampeyetetra.php)
Thanks Red severum

04-26-2008, 05:06 PM
thanks all...................:19: :19:

04-26-2008, 05:08 PM
Thanks William... That is all of them lol....... I think the shrimp anatomy one will be done today..... i will try to get it up there....

Thanks for all the support everyone.....

Wild Turkey
04-26-2008, 05:14 PM
Well done as always jb! woot!:19:

04-26-2008, 05:16 PM
Of course I forgot one. Edited the first post to reflect this.

This profile is by The red severum
Lamp eye tetra (http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/fish/lampeyetetra.php)