View Full Version : I am thinking of breeding something.

11-03-2006, 02:00 AM
I am thinking of breeding something(Not sure yet), but I am curently reading a breeding book. I have read that in order to breed you must keep the tank cold first for a period of time(reminds the fish of the winter) then turn the temp up(to feel like summer). They say it's a must.

My questions is how do you do this without killing the fish of temp change?

Lady Hobbs
11-03-2006, 11:38 AM
I have had no fish breed simply because I seemed to end up with mostly males even tho I have always bought several species at a time. But as far as cold water, I have not heard of that. Infact, I've heard of warmer water and usually they will breed after a water change.

Hopefully you will get a proper answer here as I really don't know.

11-03-2006, 12:39 PM
I think it might depend on the species of fish you wish to breed. Our platies need no assistance from us and pop out babies regularly. Other fish I have heard do need changes in water to encourage them to spawn. Once you decide which fish you like you can read up on that species to get yourself ready with fish, grow out tank etc. plus make sure you have something do with all of the fry.

11-03-2006, 01:23 PM
As far as the water temperature goes, that generally applies to temperate region fish. For example: In order to breed goldfish you cool them off as if it were winter (most easily done outside in the winter) and as the temperature rises again, that is what triggers them to breed because that means it's the longest time until winter again which means the babies have the best chance of getting the biggest before the next winter which is very hard on them (at least small fish without much fat built up yet). However if you are going with tropical fish it will be the opposite. For example: If you were to breed Common Bichirs (Polypterus senegalus), you would slowly raise the temperature in the tank as you slowly dropped the water level over the course of a couple weeks. This simulates the dry season. When you refill the tank with cooler water (simulating the onset of the rainy season) this triggers them to breed. Again it is for the best success of the babies because that means it's the longest time until dry season again, so they will have the longest time to grow before they have to go through the stress of the dry season. Most tropical fish will need a warm up period followed by a water change with slightly cooler water along with the addition of the appropriate food (simulates the rain washing small food animals into the water) and obviously you need to simulate the ideal water parameters like pH, hardness, temperature, diet, etc. as well as a proper setup (rock piles, wood work, live plants, bare tank with slate, etc.) to allow for breeding. It will work best if you have an idea of what you may want to breed. I would suggest somethign simple and easy before jumping into anything. So if you are interested in cichlids, start with convicts, then work up to something you actually have to do something to get them to breed. If you are interested in other types of fish you may want to get practice growing food for them. Most fry need special foods that need to be small enough for them to eat. most commonly this is newly hatched brine shrimp. So rather than wait until the fish are breeding, start practicing now and feeding off your successful attempts to your fish. This can help condition them for breeding. But start by figuring out what fish you want to breed.