View Full Version : Boy or Girl

10-25-2006, 05:04 AM
Hi all,

I was wondering if you could help me with a question. I purchased a german blue ram from my lfs. The girl told me that my fish was a young male...but he doesn't seem to have forhead crests or pointy fins. His belly isn't rosy...but at certain angles, it sometimes looks like there's a blue sheen to his side spots. I attached some pictures I took with my camera phone, what do you all think?

10-25-2006, 05:16 AM
hard for me to tell from the picture but I bet demonshark will know just with a quick glance. He is the local GBR lover. Only thing i could say is it could be a juv still and you might need to wait a little while to sex him/her.

10-25-2006, 05:19 AM
I think it is a male. The last picture he has a large black spot. I "think" that is also an indicator of sex.