View Full Version : Look how much my Convict's grown!

03-17-2008, 10:51 PM
I took these pics today. This fish is awesome. he struts around and doesn't let anyone bother him. He is easily the king of the tank.

03-17-2008, 10:52 PM

my white convict is a little cleaner, all he does is clean the gravel all day

03-17-2008, 10:52 PM
That's a mighty fine fish you got there! Was it just an inch or so when you bought it?

03-17-2008, 10:53 PM
Awesome colour there!!! :19:

03-17-2008, 10:59 PM
That's a mighty fine fish you got there! Was it just an inch or so when you bought it?

yea, small little thing hwen i bought him, resembled a bug haha. Now he's full grown. it's even cooler when he flares.

03-17-2008, 11:45 PM
Great looking fish, convicts sure have a lot of attitude.

03-18-2008, 12:12 AM
Beautiful fish, I just purchased my first pair, hopefully they will have a crew, if I buy one more tank, my husband will divorce me I am sure:), they have a tank all to themselves.

03-18-2008, 12:31 AM
I was close to getting a convict today but i passed. They are more aggressive than oscars. Nice convict though.

Lady Hobbs
03-18-2008, 12:36 AM
Nice fish. He will always be kind of the tank. He's a Convict!

03-18-2008, 12:47 AM
Gotta love those convicts!!!! thumbs2: He's awesome!!!!

03-18-2008, 01:54 AM
Nice fish there Trop...... Keep up the good work!!!!!

03-18-2008, 01:58 AM
thanks for all the kind words. You said it hobbs, it'll be a sad day when he dies, so hopeuflly he'll live a long happy life.

03-18-2008, 04:53 AM
Cool fish. I want one but I think it would get to aggressive.

03-18-2008, 05:40 AM
Great looking animal:thumb:

Really fine would be a "before" and "after" pic:hmm3grin2orange:

03-18-2008, 12:38 PM
haha i was gonna do a before and after, but that pic was the wrong size and i didn't feel like resizing it haha. I'll get the "baby" pic up later today.

03-18-2008, 03:55 PM
nice con bro, but the bad thing for me is I cant even give mine away. their a fun fish for sure, and the five I had in the 55g killed every thing I have ever put in that tank so I had to get rid of them. I still have the 25 to 30 fry in my grow out tank... they are just a little over .25" long now..

I have some local buyers (LFS) for my dwarf spawns so I need to make room very soon so I can start breeding the money makers....

very nice con.. go get you a female and have some fun with them..

edit. I had over 100 baby cons in the 55g I had two spawning pair. their just like rabbits..