View Full Version : Spring time - plant blooming/sprouting?

03-07-2008, 03:17 PM
It seems that that spring time is closer, My plants are starting to grow new buds and sprouts. I had to trim back some of my plants because they were getting tall way to fast and almost sticking out of the water. The best part is, when I plant the tops of the plants I have trimmed off, they will eventually root in a few weeks.
Aquatic gardening is soo much more fun and easy that outside gardening! You don't even have to water your plants.
With a non-aquatic plant, if the top falls off or you trim off the top and just leave it where it falls, it will die soon. Though in an aquarium with good water conditions (and lotsa fish poop in the gravel) the fallen off piece will still continue to grow. Totally un-like flowers in a vase. Aquatic plants will last almost forever.