View Full Version : Brackish fish - as expensive/hard as SW?

03-07-2008, 03:00 PM
Are brackish fish at all as expensive/hard as saltwater fish to keep? I have been wanting a brackish tank, and wanted to know if they required constant care, attention, master testing, weekly water changes, etc. (all of the things people say is so hard about a saltwater tank)

03-07-2008, 03:17 PM
brackish is easy, my 15g long brackish is as easy to keep as a FW one, just throw in some salt and monitor the salinity every few days and thats it

03-08-2008, 01:37 AM
As Cocoa says, it's quite easy.

I've had my BW set up for almost a year now. Not a problem in the least. I use a refractometer (found one cheap on e-bay and better than a hydro IMO), use marine salt and just fill my 5g bucket with the salt, prime and water, stir. Test the SG in the bucket and the tank, do the WC (if a bigger WC is needed I just fill another 5g and do the same)and add from the bucket. A flex in the SG shouldn't hurt most BW fish.

Just find out the SG the BW fish you choose like the best. There are "Low, medium and high(tipping toward marine)end" BW fish.

Monos and Scats are sold alot by lfs and most lfs don't supply the info needed to take care of them,...nor do they tell you that they get platter size and need a very big tank. 55g to house a few comfortably.

Just remember BW = marine salt. I had a friend that was told her Scat would "do fine" with aquarium salt,the Scat...RIP.

BW fish are "good to go" with flexes in the SG...as it's in their natural habitat. You can find some beautiful BW fish and can have the advantage of a "salt water" look without all the fuss.

You will find BW is quite easy to take care of and enjoyable. You just need to research the compatability, requirements, and needs of the BW fish you choose just as any other.