View Full Version : Substrates for Planted Tanks - More In Depth Info wanted.

03-04-2008, 05:16 AM
Ok, I have had planted tanks in the past, and they did great for years. The substrate I used was mostly Flourite, with some gravel on top. About 3" of Flourite, and1" gravel on top.

I understand the basics of how some of those good substrates work, like Flourite, and what the benefits are over just plain gravel. What I am looking for here, is someone here who is far far far and away more experienced than I, that had good knowledge and experience with different natural substrates for planted tanks. Maybe a Comparison between Laterite, Eco Complete, and Flourite, explaining the benefits and draw backs of each, and exactly how they should be used, and how long they will "last". The substrate I mentioned above I had in a 29G High, planted tank, for 4 years, and it did great, the plants all fourished ( except for a couple over the years) and by and large was hugely successful for my plants. Bright colors, very good/ vigorous growth, and pretty lush. Granted, I didnt really do much in the way of the "harder" plants though. I just used what I thought was very attractive, and most of what that is , tends to be easier to grow plants.

Anyway, if anyone here is willing to and has the experience and knowlege and can spend the time to do a write up on what I have asked, I would immensely appreciate it! Thanks very much! Look forward to learning alot more about the difference in at least those 3 "good" substrates!