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03-02-2008, 10:59 PM
Some quick stats

- heavy fish stock
- dose with Seachem Flourish once per week
- quite good plant growth many, many "simple" plants, Onion Plants, Dwarf Anubia, Vallis, Moss Balls, Java Fern
- no added co2
- sand substrate
- lights are x2 Aqua Glo and x1 Power Glo with reflectors and works out at about 1.5 WPG (US Gallon)
- Lights on for 14 hrs a day
- Nitrate does hover around the 50-60 mg/l region, get 20-25 mg/l from the tap
- Water changes are usually 30-40% every week

I know the lights are on quite long, always been that way, thats the routine and my plant growth has been good, so i have left it like that.

Pics are from my main tank and also my live-bearer fry growing tank, i transfered some of the plants and algae from main tank.

How comes i always get these brown patches on the Java Fern? Always been this way, whether they on bog wood, or still have the led weight attached to them. I've tried not burying the roots in the substrate as advised on Google.

Most of the my other plants are quite lush, despite no co2

I am tempted to take out all my Java Fern, although i know its still growing, i get lots of "daughters" off it, if thats the right word, lots of "mini" java ferns.

Am i doing something wrong here? Do i need to adjust some of the stats above?

Is 14 hrs a day light doing this to them? As all my other plants are thriving. In a way the Java Fern is thriving too, but the brown patches are annoying me!!!

Please help!!!!





Is temperature an issue, i heard it can be? The tank is always at 80F

I mean i could drop it to 76-77, but would that really make any difference?

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03-02-2008, 11:25 PM
I put Java Fern in my tank back in January, and I noticed some black spots all over it. Somebody told me that that happens right before it starts to 'reproduce' or whatever. I haven't seen this happen though. The spots are still there on some leaves, but have disappeared on the others. They weren't ever that brownish color though.

...Of course, that doesn't really help you much, does it? lol My knowledge bank is limited, but that's what I was told about mine.

EDIT: Looking at your pictures again, it looks like they may be decaying or something...? The 5th picture more so than the others. It looks like the tip was torn off or decayed off. Just a thought...