View Full Version : Best choice for filter media????

02-27-2008, 04:50 PM
I have been reading and reading about what is best to use as your filter media for a discus tank. I am looking to give my guys the best environment possible, and I've begun to question how I set things up in the first place.

I recently moved my tank set up. Basically took everything out, filled it back up and have been letting it cycle for about 5 days now. I wasn't able to keep all of the water but did save most of it. With this being the optimal time to change anything (if I decide to do so), I would like to get some input on what some members have used for their discus tanks.

I currently have a 75 gallon with alot of plants. I am running a filstar XP3 with inline UV sterilizer and CO2 diffuser. I currently use the Eheim brand chemical and mechanical media, and foam pads. Just for the next few days I am running a water softner pillow to help softner the water, but it won't be in there for too long. I also plan to put 2 pack's of chemi-pure in the media. I have heard good and bad, I used it once and had amazing water, but also ran in to a bacteria frenzy about 2 weeks after I put it in my filter. I don't know if there was any correlation.

I've been reading about phosphate levels and media that can remove this, is this something I need? I know I have left it fairly broad, I just need help making sure my setup is correct and also working to keep my fish healthy.

Thanks for the help everyone!

02-27-2008, 10:36 PM
I dont have discus,I do have a fairly heavily stocked planted 58gal[in sig].I use a rena xp-2 for my only filtration for media I now use only the foam pads and 20bio stars and eheim ehfistrate pro[looks like choco puffs].Basically my whole filter is totally devoted to bio filtration,I can vouche for that working for me.i used to use seachem renew as a media but since I switched to the eheim stuff I think Ill keep it the way it is now.As for phosphate I battled that for a month with pura phoslock,it worked great.I used 3 tbsp mixed in with the renew all in a filter bag,I went from 4 to .25 in a month.