View Full Version : What kind of Predatory Fish can I put in a Heavily planted tank?

10-03-2006, 05:38 AM
Greetings Fish Gurus!,

Please Help! I want to know what kind of predatory fish I can safely keep in a heavily planted tank and what major modifications should I make to my setup.

since alot of questions seem to suffer from lack of info here is my full disclosure.

the hardware first:
I have just setup a new oceanic 58 tank with a topsoil/vermiculite substrate with play sand on top of it. Empereror 400. I also have a 250w Metal Halide bulb for lighting and diy CO2 running into a DIY venturi. I plan on dosing with trace and macros.

the inhabitants:
3 amazon swords I used to cycle the tank, a school of 12 very small neons, 3 guppys, 3 corys. (In the switch to a predatory tank I would not mind moving any of these fish out) I also plan on making this tank a very plant heavy tank.

the background: In college I ran a successful one with low-mid light plants and the same substrate and CO2 setup with actually a fair amount of ground cover with sword grass. I also had two other non planted tanks. THAT BEING SAID, I havent had a fish tank in over 6 years and alot of what I am doing is by memory and searching forums like these, so I feel very lost currently.

The money issue: I have gotten everything actually pretty cheap. The tank/stand/filter/heater/light all cost 150 total. My fiance unfortunately does not share my same passion/obsession and has put some strict financial guidelines for this so it will be a slow process with stuff like CO2 commercial injection being probably saved over for birthdays and holidays :D



Lady Hobbs
10-03-2006, 03:34 PM
I don't know of any you can put with guppies and neons. Predatory fish are just that..........seek and eat. LOL It would be a very nice tank with lots of community fish, tho.

10-03-2006, 04:18 PM
Right, I know I would have to move the guppies and neons to a community tank and I am ok with that, I really would like to make the planted tank a predator tank. I was thinking Birchirs?