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10-01-2006, 05:19 AM
I own a betta spendens and decided to try him in a ten gal set up. I put 2 hiding toys in the tank and lots of plants so that he could have little spots to get away if he felt annoyed. I added 2 other fish today. I went to the pet store and they guy there suggested a Danio and when I said this catfish was cool he said it would be ok. I was told he was like a bottom feeder who ate algea and such. I dont have any algea in my tank at the moment but I did give them some tropical fish flakes that no one seemed to bother with...but thats not the point. Point is that everyone seemed ok. My betta wasnt bothering them at all. He stayed in his corners or behind a plant or what not and the catfish was going after him. I was sure I was imagining this but when I came back in here to check on them before going to bed my betta's fins on the tail and bottom were shredded. And this darn fish was still going after him and nipping his tail fin. I was so upset. I imediately removed the betta and returned him to his bowl, added some salt, and gave him a little food which he has ignored. He is totally stressed right now and I'm a little upset myself. As a matter of fact I'm so upset I have thought of feeding this catfish to my hermit crabs. Only thing stopping me at this point is that he was a gift to my husband. I know its not really the fishes fault and that I'm to blame for trusting the guy at the pet shop but I would really like to know what kind of fish he is and if he will kill the Danio and what other kind of fish can I put in with him. The ticket from the pet store said Catfish- Lg- Spotted. Thanks for your help.

I also added some pics of my poor Pedro. I never thought a catfish would do that. The cat is currently in my tank swimming around in an almost frantic manner. He's up and down the sides of the tank and back and forth. I dont know if he needs something and maybe thats why he went after Pedro or what the deal is with him. Help!!!

10-01-2006, 12:27 PM
Im not sure but looks like a pictus catfish which gets relativley large, how much did u pay for it??

Lady Hobbs
10-01-2006, 12:51 PM
Catfish-Lg-Spotted? Means it's gonna get large. Betta's tank are small enough that no catfish is needed in them. I'd take the cat back to the store. That salesperson wasn't very up front with you.

There are a few spieces that stay small. Bristlenose is one of them and only grows to about 5 inches.

10-01-2006, 01:42 PM
LG number on the labeling does sound like a pleco type catfish of some sort...which Hobbs is correct, most grow way too big for your tank, but I don't know of too many aggressive pleco types....at least not that I have seen sold commonly. Planetcatfish. com has alot of information on the different types of catfish so you might want to find an ID first to find out for sure what it is. Then you will be able to find out more of what you are dealing with. Sometimes, if you find an employee at the store who truly cares for the fish you can get them to check the suppliers list to see what came in, or in the case of my last purchase, keeps a book handy for just that reason.
Take heart in the fact that all mistakes mean you have learned something so now you know to not always trust stores...do your research first.

10-01-2006, 05:06 PM
Ok, I'm taking back the catfish. I talked to the manager at the petstore and they ok'd it said they'd take it back. I took the betta out and decided to leave him out of the 10 gal and perhaps buy a smaller maybe 5 gal for him by himself. Thanks for the help everyone. :d I still have a problem though b/c that leaves me with 1 solitary Danio. I dont want to go any bigger tank wise and I dont want Danios only. So I've been cruising some of the compatablilty charts and reading a bit about some of these fish before purchase....something I should have done before impulse buying a cool looking fish who tried to eat my beloved pet. I have learned my lesson. This isnt the place to post my next question so I will wrap up this thread with thank you to everyone who took the time to give me advice. If you have time stop by the general beginers forum and check out my thread I'm about to post. :D ;) ....and maybe drop me a tid bit of advice or opinion. :)

10-01-2006, 07:09 PM
it is some species of pimelodidae catfish. They do as earlier mention grow large and I think you are doing the right thing returning it.

Lady Hobbs
10-01-2006, 09:37 PM
You could buy a divider for that tank and have two beta's.

10-02-2006, 12:30 AM
Im not sure but looks like a pictus catfish which gets relativley large, how much did u pay for it??

I got him for 7.99. It was supposed to be on sale for 5 something but I'm looking at the reciept now and I dont see where they took off the original price. I called back a couple of times today and I talked to a guy who said he knew which one I was refering to and it was a pictus. The kids think the catfish is really cool and are sad that I'm taking him back but I think it will be better for him and us in the long run b/c I'm not planning on getting a bigger tank to accomadate him anytime soon. I do think its cool the way he swims around the bottom of the tank eating the food that falls on the floor. He makes us think of the way a hammer head shark hunts and eats. Pretty cool fish now that I'm not really angry with him. :)

10-02-2006, 01:56 AM
Yes personally ive wanted a pictus catfish ever since i first saw one, although my tanks are if not full over full and i dont think it is compatible with any of my fish

10-03-2006, 02:13 PM
Ok, well today my pictus cat woke up his first morning back at the petshop. They didnt give me a hard time returning him. I got 2 more zebra danio and some med to put in the water for my bettas fins. That was about the balance and then some of the catfish. They actually made a few extra dollars off of me on that deal. If I ever get a larger tank...which seems very likely seeing how addictive tanks are..."hello, my name is nicholle, and I'm a tankaholic"...I would love to have another. I just didnt see how it would be very fair on him or me to keep him in a 10 gal tank. I read that he will get up to 7 inches long. In a 10 gal that only leaves 4 inches and thats not counting plants and hiding logs and such. Neways thanks for the advice. I think ya'll steered me right and me and psychofish are gonna be better off. :P lol. I hope he gets better parents than his first foster mom was. I've been doing my homework on other fish that might be compatable with Pedro the betta. ;)